365 days & how not to end up in the shitter! (Beautiful Time Machine Messages To Myself)

By Barbara Christensen - 8:51 PM


365 days & how not to end up in the shitter! (Beautiful Time Machine Messages To Myself) I Mindset Unicorn

Eleven years ago I wrote two notes to myself. 

Note number one: 

So I came to an ah-ha moment last night that was reaffirmed this morning with a wonderful email from Yehuda Berg that said,

"We like to put others (and ourselves) into limiting categories for purposes of identification, but people's lives don't fit neatly into compartments. There are no limits to what we are capable of doing or becoming. Today, know that whatever you think you are is only a fraction of what you can be." 

Categorizing is just one way of controlling everything and everyone around you. When you control things you put a boundary on the situation/relationship. Control is limiting. So day one is to remember that every time I want to control someone else I am just limiting the relationship/situation.

This has been one of the biggest ah-ha moments of the last two years. I think for anyone that has been activated in their energy centers, activated by their mirror soul, activated to a higher purpose... you have to release this desire to control anyone other than yourself. Even with yourself you have to stop being so controlled, because you are just limiting your being.

I also need to take this change thing one day at a time. There in lies the 365 days. I need to think about it like eating cherries. They are delicious but if you eat them too quickly you are going to choke on a pit. And secondly life is like eating a big bowl of cherries. If you eat to many you're going to be living in the shitter all day long. So in order to change in a manner that is happy and not full of shit - I'm taking it one day at a time. 

Off we go....

Note number two: 

So - yesterday I took it all on. My desire was to just roll over at 5:30am and go back to bed, but at 10pm I was very satisfied with my day and the results. How simply all of the actions of my day were. I guess life is just easier if you roll with the punches and not let it deter your desired goal - rather than the daily grind of fighting life off while you live in some remote fantasy island. 

And I'm sorry but Mr. Roarke was not that attractive for me to want to spend all of my days with him. No WAY! My daughter likes to say that, "no way". I need to learn that terminology and fuse it with my new found living life adventure. 

Day 2 - moving on.  I am leaving the island by raft if need be because I'm not waiting for some plane that may or may not come along one of these days. 365 days may seem like forever, but it's barely a spark in reality.

Also beautiful!! The idea that we can leave the island because someone is not meant for us, that there is no reality in your relationship, that the person that thinks they are "all that" is just another human being. Put yourself first!! Get on the raft, and get moving because there is no reason to stay on an island where there is nothing but cherries to eat. Move on, find happiness, and realize that there is an island out there just waiting for you, and that island is BEAUTIFUL! I always get the message that  "no man is an island" ... but some men and women put themselves on an island and will stay there until it is Atlantis. Gone baby, gone. 

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