Unburdening Your Codependent Patterns With Mother Gaia I Shamanic Journey Sacred Space

By Barbara Christensen - 12:19 PM

Codependency Shamanic Journey Sacred Space

What if the truth of how you are feeling is all about the clusters of energy that have built up in your body?

What if you have massive amounts of caregiving clusters energetically in your body and so you think you "feel good" when you are taking care of others, but what if you are just reinforcing old stories and anchoring old energy?

A study was done in Austin, TX with a group of patients with RA, and round that all of them had massive caretaking clusters. This polarized them into a pattern of "taking care of themselves". Some of those in the trail when these patterns where addressed and released by eliminating the "me-itis" went into full remission. All patients in the trail reduced their RA symptoms.

In this session we are working with your exiled part, your vulnerable inner child who has be stuck in time in these past places of burden. Come dig in the dirt and harmonize with Mother Gaia, she is calling you. Will you answer?

Join shamanic practitioner, Barbara Christensen, as we unwind our karmic energy around the Medicine Wheel. In this Sacred Space session together we journey into your soul's path using the shamanic unwinding of karmic energy to clear and close out cycles. We are doing integrative work with the sacred tool, the medicine wheel and the serpent.
Shamanic practitioner and intuitive medium, Barbara Christensen, hosts this Sacred Circle where we will discuss Gaia, Mother Earth, and how to harmonize with your caretaking parts. As we continue through journey to the first ninety degree stop in our Medicine Wheel transformation, we will be working on how we can release the co-dependent burdens, healing past soul trauma.

Unburdening Your Codependent Patterns With Mother Gaia I Shamanic Journey Sacred Space I Barbara Christensen
Where do you:
  • Allow societal norms to designate your role as the "caretaker" of others?
  • Seek out the role of caregiving that you did not receive in your past relationships (no matter the break that created this belief)?
  • Create your personal value as equated by your level of "doing"?
  • Repeat the pattern of the past using the dysfunctional wiring of your energy clusters, while putting on the surface of "being fine"?
Burdens = Extreme Belief or Emotion Created By A Negative Or Unharmonious Interaction In Your Past.

This is not a traditional workshop, although we will each be doing personal growth work. This is not facilitation, or coaching, although Barbara will be guiding you. We will work together (camera's on) in the session and discuss what is going on in our life journey, and then move through a shamanic journey connecting to your guides seeking the messages you may require at this time.

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