Unwritten Love Letters

By Barbara Christensen - 4:27 PM


Unwritten Love Letters To My Divine Lover


In the velvet cloak of night, a star once bright, Held dreams of fiery death, a cosmic light. Eons it burned, a patient soul, Yearning to ignite, to lose control.

But fate, a fickle hand, it dealt a blow, Fuel insufficient, a dimmer glow. The stellar fire, a spark confined, A supernova's fury, forever denied.

Now a withered ember, a cosmic sigh, A silent giant in the inky sky. A monument to what could have been, A fading dream, a muted sin.

The universe whispers secrets untold, Of giants unmet, stories unfold. A cosmology of myths, forever unsung, The faintest echo of love, on a cosmic tongue.

Yet in the distance, a different collapse would campaign, A nascent rumble, a celestial reign. A swirling nebula, a cosmic birth, An Empress awakening, her song of the Earth.

Hydrogen whispers, a swirling dance, Gathering tighter, a destined trance. Gravity's grip, a relentless hold, Birthing new stars, a story untold.

The universe churns, a vibrant display, From whispers of loss to a fiery ballet. One star's missed chorus, another's grand call, The cosmic orchestra plays for one and all.

In the vast expanse, where dreams ignite, We stand, mere mortals, bathed in starlight. Though some stars falter, their brilliance subdued, The Emperor's choice remains ours, to dream, or choose.

To chase the embers of passions long past, Or ignite the spark that forever will last. For within us all, a potential resides, To rise like a phoenix, with wings that spread high.

So let us not linger on what could have been, But seize the new dawn, the fire within. For the universe whispers, last chance to explode, A story unwritten,  divinity yours to unfold.

Barbara xx

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