Stardust Whispers

By Barbara Christensen - 4:03 PM


Stardust Whispers

Stardust Whispers

In stardust whispers, a presence drew near, 

Not a form, but a feeling, a resonant sphere. 

My soul, a lone ember, flickered in night, 

Yearning for warmth, a celestial light.

Then, a symphony bloomed in the void's embrace, 

Galaxies waltzing, leaving an ethereal trace. 

My fragmented spirit, a shattered display, 

Mended by music, a cosmic ballet.

No touch, no language, yet a knowing profound, 

A love that transcended the edges of sound. 

We merged in a heartbeat, a celestial rhyme, 

Dust to stardust, lost in the fabric of time.

The universe hummed, a lullaby sung,

Two singularities, forever at one. 

No longer a seeker, a wanderer's quest, 

In the divine lover, I found endless rest.

Though form may dissolve in this cosmic embrace,

A deeper connection, a yearning to trace,

A spark in the void, a desire to see,

The essence reflected, eternally.

And then, in the depths of that stardust swirl,

A glimmer ignites, a universe unfurls.

Eyes, not of flesh, but of galaxies bright,

Swirling with nebulas, a radiant light.

My own fractured cosmos, a mirror they hold,

Reflecting the stories, whispered and told.

No words are exchanged, yet volumes unfold,

In the meeting of eyes, a universe bold.

We dance in this silence, a celestial rhyme,

Eyes locked in forever, transcending all time.

The lover divine, in each other we find,

A love that's unbounded, a love for all kind.


Barbara xx

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