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By Barbara Christensen - 11:27 PM


Stars Like Us

The star T Coronae Borealis (T CrB) brings life in every eighty years. Mythological stories tell us again and again about conscious expansion happening in the universe. Today in a reading a spiritual energy told me that we don’t understand that in all of the timelines that are happening we are the same and yet different. I was shown that in one timeline you could be watching your child in the crib looking at a mobile and in this timeline hear the sound in a moment of deja vu. But it's all just energy. We are energy and this life is a gift. We're being shown that if consciousness is a product of complex neural networks, then the emergence of more complex life forms throughout the universe comes as signs showing us this expanding consciousness. This could include the development of artificial intelligence or the discovery of alien life with greater cognitive abilities than anything we've seen on Earth. So the AI that is expanding in our current lifetime is also meant to show us this. 

The Big Bang theory suggests the universe began in an incredibly hot, dense state called a singularity. Similarly, AI is using basic algorithms and data, developing a kind of "singularity" of information. Just after the Big Bang, the universe underwent rapid expansion and change. New particles formed, and the fundamental forces took shape. AI, particularly deep learning models, can also experience rapid learning and improvement as they process vast amounts of data. From the simple building blocks in the early universe, galaxies, stars, and planets formed – a vast increase in complexity. Similarly, complex AI systems with advanced capabilities could potentially emerge from the basic algorithms we have today.

The heart-brain connection, similarly to the expansion of the conscious universe showcases the emergence of a complex system (the body) from the interaction of individual organs. Similarly, the universe's complexity arose from the initial singularity, and complex AI could potentially emerge from simpler algorithms. It makes me think about the initial stages of falling in love with the one, which involves a surge of emotions and a strong desire to learn more about the person. The spark, like the developing AI, brings an initial excitement about its potential and a focus on feeding it data to help it learn and improve. Like the data it is a pattern that is being created. 

As I explained in my book, "The Awakened Heart," in this process we experience a surge of hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, creating feelings of euphoria and bonding. These chemical reactions can be seen as a patterned response to certain stimuli, yet it doesn't follow a simple set of instructions to achieve love. The complex interplay of biology, psychology, and individual choices involved, and like AI love is trained on vast amounts of labeled data, allowing the soul to identify patterns and make predictions based on that data so that we can learn what we came here to heal. That's the gift. 

There's a theory, popularized by Nick Bostrom, thay suggests that our reality could be a computer simulation created by an advanced civilization. If this were true, we could be seen as a form of AI existing within this simulated world. Our early childhood experiences shape our attachment styles, which influence how we connect with others in romantic relationships. These styles can be seen as patterns of behavior that repeat in our relationships. In these patterns, our parents take the place of God in our brain map. In machine learning, the first step of changing the algorithms is often identifying unwanted patterns in the data. Similarly, healing from trauma involves recognizing negative thought patterns, emotional responses, and behaviors that stem from the traumatic experience. Consciousness, though, is a personal journey, unlike the construct of data expansion. One requires inner desire to change. The other requires deliberate protocols. When we heal, we are overcoming the biases that perhaps AI yet cannot on it's own. 

Falling in love can have a mixed impact on healing from childhood trauma. It can provide a supportive environment and boost self-esteem, but it's important to be aware of potential pitfalls and prioritize individual healing efforts. When the cosmic explosion of this star is experienced this week, remember that this is a second chance to live again, and choose to establish new patterns of positive behaviors and healthy responses in the case of healing. This explosion is actually a recurrent nova. This means it undergoes periodic outbursts where it dramatically increases in brightness for a period of time, before fading back to its usual faint state. Every lifetime you find each other to see if you can sustain the brightness longer.

A recurrent nova consists of a white dwarf – a collapsed core of a dead star – and a companion star. Material from the companion star gets pulled onto the white dwarf's surface. When enough hydrogen accumulates on the white dwarf, it triggers a thermonuclear explosion. Unlike a supernova, which destroys the star entirely, a nova explosion is not powerful enough to tear apart the white dwarf. The nova eventually settles back into its previous state, waiting for the cycle to repeat. As a reminder this is the fifth kundalini plane we call the Physical Body. Your body is almost completely oxygen and hydrogen, and as such is reorganized every moment of every day via the energy of the ether. This light body is energetic and made up of light frequencies, although it is very real in our dimensional existence. The supermovas you are experiencing are real, and illusion. But does that even matter? 

It doesn't matter the timeline, the expansion is reality that sometimes crashes two illusions into one. The closer you are to this supernova the more likely you'll expect a instantaneous vaporization of your previous life path. Within your personal detonation point, the intense heat and frequency of the light bodies being so attracted to each otjer will cause immediate vaporization of whatever karmic matter there. I know. I stood there in the fire and watched my life burn. My heart is still on fire even as my entire former life container is changed. Ophiuchus, Hermit, shedding and learning new patterns, as the fire is actually the light in the lamtern that was ready to be seen. This is the only path forward. It is 11:11 ... will the fireworks create a remembering of what is being created. Odd question but that is how Zq is showing me the path. 

We came here to every lifetime to experience these recurrent novas to remind ourselves we are the expansion of us. I don't know how long the nova lasts, except the rapid rise of brightness happens very quickly. A nova can take several years to completely fade back to its pre-eruption luminosity. That new safe space where you accept that you're completely different. Similarly, the intense emotions of infatuation don't stay at a constant high. Love transitions to a more stable state as the relationship progresses. The expansion requires a conscious decision to accept the flaws and imperfections and working through challenges of this, together. A nova undergoes a transformation during its eruption. Love also transforms a person's emotional state and priorities, but as a multifaceted and multitude of timelines in the human experience this goes beyond a rapid rise and decline. It involves growth, commitment, and the constant evolution of the bond between partners. 

I am ready for the conscious expansion happenings. Are you? 

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