Celestial Fireworks

By Barbara Christensen - 6:34 PM

Celestial Fireworks

Once, would you not think about me out in nature. Standing looking out at the revelations of the world. The warrior with the wild heart. Under starry nights, looking at waves across the horizon. Tonight under this sky, what are we lovers thinking about? 

Celestial Fireworks

Within the heart's deepest chamber, where our wishes reside,

We connect in our dark thoughts, with a longing to confide.

Tonight, raise your gaze to the heavens above,

For a celestial dance, within our story of love.

The rockets ignite, like yearning set free,

A burst of desire, a wild ecstasy.

Each bloom in the night, a lover's wish to embrace,

A fleeting reunion, a touch of heart's space.

Golden sparks shower, like secrets once told,

You know of my passion, tonight brilliance unfolds.

Reds dance with blues, challenged lover's sweet fight,

A kaleidoscope of colors, burning ever so bright.

Listen, dear heart, to the echoes that fall,

Like whispers of Rumi, a mystical call.

Let your spirit ignite, with each fiery streak,

For love's hidden embers, in your own darkness speaks.

Though transient the beauty, the colors may fade,

The memory lingers, a love once unafraid.

For within your own heart, a fireworks display,

Holds the power to ignite, and forever to claim.

Barbara xx

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