I Can't Hide Anymore

By Barbara Christensen - 4:44 AM

I Can't Hide Anymore

I learned to hide myself as a child. Hiding in plain sight. Hiding in the grape vines. Hiding in the scary places. Hiding in the world where only Spirit could follow. Hiding in the numbness of "just too much". That also meant that I was hiding parts of myself. 

May 11, 2019 there was a direct portal opening where everything was shown as being exactly where it needed to be in divine timing.  

May 11 2019 Natal Chart

Lilith was in the exact 0° to Vertex with all the signs, which shows up to tell us this was fated moment of connection. This Lilith Vertex was the fated or destined moment between the two separate paths to converge into the path forward. If you met someone during that Vertex period, you felt the strong pull towards each other, as if internally you knew this meeting was meant to be.

Jupiter said, wait, look back. This is your direct path forward to your divine frequency. The door opened to the lovers frequency (however that shows up for you) to start the work together in this life. You may call this a sort of first contact, but it is really the first real push into the 3D conversion of the two into one. 

Spirit said, "This is a Tower Moment because you have opened the door to what you manifested. If you want this, you will have you will have to make a choice to balance with it in Justice. "

The Sun was Exact to Saturn Rx at 20°24 ... will you choose to go against your mind for love? 
September 06 2019 they went exact again, at 14°00. Patience was being tested to see if you could wait for this. The triggers came to be my guides. I went to Utah and I felt like a part of myself was shifting away. I watched my MIL a.week later have a hypoglycemic episode where my FIL sort of la-di-da'd about it. I remember going into the bathroom of this swanky lodge and looking out the window into the poplar trees thinking, "Nothing will ever be the same." And it wasn't. 

May 22 2020 they went exact to force through the karmic thorn at 1°51. September 17 2020 exaxt at 25°26 started the deep work to release our karmic bondage. Somethings were changing in the physical embodiment.  I felt the opening of an intimate energy that was like Pandora had torn the lid off the box for good. 


June 03 2021 the exaxt was at 13°24, the rebirth of the heart. I bought rainbow fluorite and started the release of negative energies through a process of deep soul retrieval and love. September 20 2021 I started to feel the loneliness with the exaxt at 06°58, and realized that we have to learn to love ourselves, which is really hard to do. June 16 2022 the exaxt at 25°08 was the sign that the big karmic cycle was starting. My relationship had already lit the match of destruction and I knew what was coming. I had already gone through the deepest parts of my death, and a three day process where I may have literally died. On October 12 2022 the exaxt was 18°41, and that Moon was a challenging everything that I was. Angel numbers starting speaking deeply with me, and Angel 234 showed up telling me that this cycle was complete and rebirth of the heart was here. 3 AM the next morning I left on vacation and it was the first of many firsts to come. 

June 29 2013 the exaxt at 07°06 was a new day. Karma for good begins. Myself, I filled out my first FASFA and started on my path to Transpersonal Psychology.  October  24 2023 the exaxt at 00°37 showed that both energies had completed important cycles and in fact I have an image of the Ace of Cups on that date, which does make my heart overflow a bit. 

Ace of Cups

The next exact will be June 11 2024 at 19°19 ... pure happiness!! I hope so because I am ready for that. I desire that. I can't hide my soul any longer and the Sun shines bright that day to show us what makes us happier is already mirroring our life. 

I have shown you the broken parts of my life path. I want to show you the healed parts of my soul. Looking towards a new tomorrow that June 12 2024 opens up to. 

Saturn Rx

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