The King and Queen Aren't Always Lovers

By Barbara Christensen - 2:25 PM


King Warrior Magician Lover Page

It's a struggle to see someone who has the adequate knowledge of embodied energy, yet their actions are the opposite of their words. Especially in our masculine frequency, the word is the bond. When you say one thing and act differently, it showcases a lack of self-awareness of your patterns and tendencies. 

We often see this in those still working in the “boy psychology”. The inner child has not developed enough to follow through on their actions because they crave mommy's permission. Mommy becomes the people that they rely on, and age doesn't matter. In fact, this can be seen in a grown-up seeking their actual mom or seeking parenting roles from their younger child. They struggle to say "no." This leads to limiting belief and underachieving. A King must learn that their word is their honor. Otherwise, they're but a Page. 

The Page in the Tarot is just beginning. Page of Wands, I talk a lot. I  have a lot to say. I want to be heard. But, relies on what others think to take any action. When the Inner Child Page becomes the Knight, it can be a bit of a rebellious teen, but the upside is the actionable use. But, the succession of title doesn't demand a Knight become a King. That must be earned. A Knight may even be returned to their role as Page after a battle, having learned not enough to sustain growth. Fear is at the core. Fear of losing more than they already have in the battles of the past. 

The Feminine archetype is a path of mirroring, which is why so many of the Divine Feminines awaken to the connection before the Divine Masculines. The work through the Lover and the Huntresss at the same time when they become awake. That is why lust and so much of what I described in The Awakened Heart takes place in the beginning of the connection. Next they go through Sage/Maiden where the creation spiritual growth happens. And then to the Mystic/Mother. 

When in the Mystic/Mother you must learn to beleive in your intuition and turn the care inward to yourself. All other forms of mothering will become high conflicts and you will be filled with self-doubt. 

If you can get through this, you will be crowned Queen, despite if you must leave things behind. The Queen may love and adore her King for all of eternity, but she will not allow unprocessed child's play to be her Lover. The Masculine must succeed in all four areas of these directions to offer her the safety, security, magic and intimacy that make them who they are meant to be. 

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