I Have Given All I Can ✨️ All Three Parts Of My Soul

By Barbara Christensen - 8:58 AM

I Have Given All I Can

Almost everything today sits in a massive bundle between Capricorn and Taurus. This compaction of little deaths... death to wishes, death to endings, death to control,  death to the masculine mind. In opposition to the Soul Purpose in Retrograde, pushing deeply into the embodiment of our imbalanced spaces. As well as the change of our embodiment with one last fight in the birth canal. 

Every sign is going through this incredible process of death and destruction of what we thought was living. We all sit in zero degrees in some sort of alignment with Pluto and Mars. Where that alignment is rates how deeply this process of death and destruction will hit you. 

Gemini, Leo, Libra and Aquarius will feel this the most. Gemini and Libra sit in Trine with these aspects. Leo is in Opposition to both, while Aquarius is in Conjunction with both. Pisces and Capricorn likely will feel like they are death as this sits at their Midheaven and as such they feel like they are shattering every living part of themselves for the world to see. Cancer is trying to hide their deep ecology of death in this transmission... But it is just this perception that they are hiding from death and destruction.  All of this is hidden under the Moon for all signs as Mercury is talking to Saturn about the blockages. 

The other part of this comes in as we are all working with Saturn and Jupiter this year, and what we see as our limitations are expanding from our fears of letting go and being reborn. That is what this year of the 8 is, and today we are all in 8 degrees in this very sensitive space. 

I keep getting the energy of three, and the last synchronous number I saw yesterday was 333. There are three, connected to three, connected to three. All of it however asks the feminine heart to recognize that it is sovereign justice in the aspect that it is love. All of love resides within it, and in that manner of connectedness is never alone. That has put a lot of pressure on the Divine Masculine. The push pull to caregive for all three entities of us/we/me has almost torn you apart. Your heart as well has desires and unrequited you will be swallowed by this death whale to sail the seas within ... unless you believe the three are connected and cannot be ever fully broken apart. 

My three are all Aries (r). Theirs is Libra (r). Will we find the moment (or molecules Spirit says) in this life to move forward together,  the three? I have hope that love is the key. But the Divine Masculine is driving, and has to choose this path. 

Loved listening to Steve Judd talking about this being the first time Pluto has been at zero degrees Mars. 

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