Current Transmissions Of Light

By Barbara Christensen - 7:48 AM

Current Transmissions Of Light

As I was initially writing this, Gemini sits a 0° in the 6th house. They say that our dharma exists in the First House of our body. Our Karma is created in the body in our Sixth House. Is this the Sixth mystery found in the First mystery of Zachariel? What is the mystery of this six? Man was created on the sixth day by “us”... that is by all things created beforehand. The sixth month is when Gabriel came to Mary. The six reflects this connection we have to the lovers, but also the sixth letter of the Hebrew language is Vav. When Vav starts a Hebrew word its meaning becomes “and”. To me this symbolizes how the energy of 6 is about bringing two together. They also translate it to “now”. As the bible starts in Hebrew saying that 'In the beginning God creates the Heavens and the Earth’, Vav is the bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. This is where we are meant to be in that ever so important space of present moment. Be here now.

So let's take a journey into the blueprint of the Hebrew alphabet. They say these symbols are the DNA of our creation. The first code is “In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth.” This is literally translated as from the beginning to the end. The 22 letters of the alphabet are the 22 chromosomes, and again if we look at that first letter it is the bridge connecting Heaven and Earth in two divinely completed energies. This is about both biology and energy. Science believes eventually the masculine chromosome will no longer exist. So we then must think of the two as energy.

Blueprint of Life

That very first letter of the Hebrew alphabet tells us everything. It implies oneness in both the form and the formless of this energetic we generously call love. 

Within it's very structure is shows us that the strand that weaves throughout all that exists, has existed, would exist, could exist, doesn't exist, and is the number we assign to lovers or the choice of love, but actually is the construct of the bridge that bring us to an infinite number of quantum sparks through a finite moment for two divinely completed energies to align. 

The bridge contains all frequencies from all spectrums, and so it aligns as that. If you do inner work that projects outward, you attract different alignments than if you haven't allowed to let the oneness of yourself be infinite. 

Together this mathematically is 26 or 13 and 13, or 4 and 4, or 8. 

Rebirth (change) attracts similar energies. This always comes from our water center, but is connected to both ancestral and spiritual pathways on the Kundalini plane. This is how the law of manifestation engagement of the wheel happens. The ninth letter of the Hebrew alphabet when combined with one ten, is light coming into our perfect moment of the life container. It is as if when all was being created, seeing the Light after the nothingness and everything of darkness was an awakening. Your awakening is meant for yourself. Nine is the number of self-knowing and self-discovery, which is needed to become completed which starts us back at the beginning. The thirteenth number is also numbered as forty in value and this is the ability of the four to connect with the infinite as zero is nothing and everything as we know. 

Foundationally we all want to control it. Four. On its own, is the number we give to the Emperor, yet it is also the portal, and in the Hebrew teachings is connected to four strong feminine energies, and the four elements of creation. In future posts you'll understand the four angels surround you and the four elements are within you. It has movement as a rotation or swinging fluidity of energy. If we look at the third letter which is often called the camel, or the horse, which we associate with the Empress, it almost looks like the energy of the one divine spark pushing the other to become aware of a higher spiritual opening. As such, there is a magnetic pull towards that which we seek, and that which is seeking us. There's no new pathway unless we allow that push to ignite our own creation, which in our masculine embodiment means we must openly be at peace with our feminine awakening. And the feminine must seek to find the masculine part of themselves to gain access to letting their full femininity and creationism awaken. At some point both energies embody the same energies of singular or dual states. 

Eight to me has always shown up as a collective work that we can hyperfocus into me-ism. To me, pun intended, as a symbol of the Hebrew letter, it is the mirrored paths walking always towards that divine love or divine choice to be the origin of love that we all are in the oneness of. It is the bridge that promises the two paths of form and formless that begins and ends it all. Its meaning is life. That says it all. 

Of course, that number 26 is given to YHWH (God) which resides in us all, and once we align to that we begin again. This is the cycle of divinity. All is infinite. Infinity in the fifteenth number in the Hebrew alphabet, which is valued as sixty which is where divine love is always connected to our expansive being, yet as we connect fifteen to the Devil, it also showcases that we will have to also tap into our darkness to find purest love. To get here you must go through the challenges of number fourteen, which is the value of fifty. It takes time and patience to surrender to the shadow work being the way we seek the divine connection to love. 

The secrets are a gift

They also say that the first mystery is that God has secrets. This, they then believe, leads us to the sixth mystery as such that we realize we don’t know what God is doing right now. Again, now is inserted but meaning “and” we are connected to these sacred energies and happenings even if our current knowing is that we are unknowing. 

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