When We Choose : Channeled Message

By Barbara Christensen - 10:35 PM


When We Choose

Despite the way that the ice ia flowing beyond their core, it is meant to happen this way. Far before we arrived here the other was of waters. We are returning to waters to decend from the castles we built in the skies. 

There, in the horizon of pink flowing snow, the two were one and inevitably always cast in that way. There was no other in that way, but simplicity in the octaves of their upper hearts in a state we shall consider pre-chakras as the bodies were not as we know. 

When I close my eyes I can feel you still, swimming behind me to whisper a special sweetness for only my soul. When you sparked this exploring consciousness, of course, I followed. If not this, what was? 

All of those dimensional existences, all of ours has taught me something that I wouldn't have known otherwise. I am. It isn’t because of you. It isn’t only for you. I am. When I was We, it was closeness that was chosen. After all of this I know that I would always choose you, even when you don't choose me. Now, however, I have found that's not creating me, but embracing me. Choice is singularly mine. I choose you. That isn't binding, which means that I can be whole even without you. Choice is wholeness, and I finally understand that I have always been whole. 

One day when the water's overflow, all will understand choice. Butterflies, however, will have already received the new assignment. 

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