The Fire Unleashes Cleansing This New World

By Barbara Christensen - 6:35 PM


The Fire Unleashes Cleansing This New World I Mindset Unicorn

As the sunlight poured into the window, as my fatigue took me out long before I was ready, I placed the eye mask over my sleepy eyes and tuned my earbuds into some deep shamanic drumming. Quickly my being melted into the journey space and my body rested while my being explored. 

I found myself moving through the deep violet flame that has flowed in and out of my soul space for several years now, letting little glimpses of the stars, gases, and tiny spinning planets move through my existence. It is here that I feel whole. 

Deep cleansing from these last weeks of the year as I found myself finally feeling at peace and cut away from the nothingness that held space away from my new life. These karmic roots that I had ceremonially burned away and cut out of my body were sent back to take up residence in the beings that had caustic energies waiting to erupt. The eruptions had started, the signs were given, and my protection once provided was no more for it was reinforced around my soul and my divine space alone. 

As the violet flame cleansed the space-time frequencies I found myself floating in the smallest stream of stardust just outside of the Milky Way, and my heart was beating in tune with the heartbeat of a new world. I could see that all of the negative energies had been sent out through the portal back to the domains that would now exist behind me, and away from me. 

Sacred Ceremony

I feel grace, healing, rejuvenation of the soul, which takes a lot of energy. The fires that are raining down from beyond my new realm are not of my concern. I trust my Sacred guides to manage it for my best interests and release. 

I float, in a stream of golden sparkling love. I feel it surrounding me and I am home. I feel the spark of energy that my talisman offers,  created in group ceremony with some of the most potent and beautiful shamanic souls in the world, and they show me that the fire will work over these next 144 day. May 12, 2024 will be the day when the fire will finish this journey. 

As I have shared before, fire is divine, however fire can be all consuming. Fire will end this b’ak’tun and bring in the Fifth World of this beautiful,  new world.. It illuminated to the guides what to preserve in the sacred container what is needed in the situation, and what to burn into the salt where growth ends. Fire can also bring pain and death, and as such we may fear it. Fear only comes from the source that created the fissure of your home. The burning will break and divide the body of this past completely and wholly. What remains in the past cannot go forward.

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