The New Moon Solar Eclipse

By Barbara Christensen - 2:58 AM


The New Moon Solar Eclipse

She came to me to awaken me in the early hours as a reminder that I see what I am worth. As I lay here, awakened... and not the first time,  I want to share some of the latest transmissions that will be in the next book. 

"As 2019 was opening our hearts before the pandemic could set to work, Juno moved into Libra to stay until September 2020 which heightened the inequalities in all of our relationships, including collectively. Of course, by September 2020 we were in lockdowns, separated, and healing our inner wounds, especially those mother wounds that were buried so deeply. These are now fully bare and surfaced for healing. 

All of this may just be messages for myself, I am quick to say. For you see, my daughter realigned my placement in the dimension in 2004, which at the time was the hardest moment of my life, but her soul split it's path determined to come back in 2005 to make sure that I would be in the right place in May of 2016 to start communicating with these elements of fulfillment. May of 2016 was an integral point when the Earth fully entered the Photon Band for the beginning of our 2,000 years in the light. If you've heard of the ideology of Universe 1 and Universe 2, which would be called for the past Tara and Earth; this is how we came to somewhat understand the Golden dimension and the Green Dimension of our consciousness vs our zeftaconsciousness. The Bluerays are in a manner of speaking the interdimensional souls that are wired into the Amenti grids. You have traveled a very long distance to connect to the upper heart chakra patterns in order to align to the Tarian (Taurian) shift to thus next dimension that was broken apart by the Pleiadians just over 26,000 years ago. This is a 6th degree healing in the aspect of Chiron that I am shown.

This communication is vastly visual and energetic to begin for each of us,  but it happened to create the low tides to be felt as we were nearing this light alignment.  This allowed me to start seeing what was under my emotions. As I am writing this I look at the clock and watched it move to 1:11 to confirm it is as it was manifested, and to give you the confirmation that your manifestation happened in your divine timing as time is fluid."

Now I will leave you with both a beautiful photo of the last solar eclipse with the question of  what 18 to 19 years ago was happening in your life and does anything stand out as being significant?

And a link to the solar eclipse video from two years ago that had some really beautiful intense feminine energies that seems to be similar to what we're feeling in this eclipse period. It shares a reminder to pull the cords out of the entanglement of the desires that will not be. 

Solar Eclipse

There's energetic clusters that we need to release. Yes I carried the Karma into this life because I ran in fear from the last life, but I have paid that debt. This eclipse showed me the proof. I know in that Libra South Node they're maybe not sure to love with the retained fear. But this moon allows you to cut away from that fear so that you stop hurting those around you.

Its Me

Channeled message:

Let it not be what the time if Judia states inside of your forgotten chambers. There lies the lie of nothingness that you cling to. Rather, be open to heal your forgiving and make the travels to where your heart already resides. 

Bask in the Sun. It is there. Trine to your souls revolution there is the light that tells you this truth. Death and rebirth. Upheaval and change. It is time and it is again calling in the choice of six that is not random but your soul bond Your karmic lesson or debt was love, but it also is your greatest soul connection unlike anything you can experience.  Do not let the embodiment of "life' stop you from what your heart knows. You're now in the light fully, so go to.that space and time will eclipse. 

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