Holding Space

By Barbara Christensen - 8:26 PM

Holding Space

Sometimes there's nothing you can do but hold space. Emotions are not easily processed. With every emotion there's often a undertow of deeper emotions waiting to rise. Recently I feel this deeply. 

When you've had a violation it can take some time to heal. However, unfortunately betrayal comes in waves,  and when you think no more can come... it comes and knocks you over. (More to come about this in the next post)

Instead, you have to be present and try not to judge yourself for falling down. You aren't to blame for the movement of the waves. You're standing under the same moon as the ocean, and the ocean didn't come with intention to harm you. It just is. 

As hard as it is, know that the moment will pass, the betrayal will pass, and the sun will dry your being after the waves have passed. 

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