Excited About My New Book About To Come Out

By Barbara Christensen - 12:00 PM


Excited about my next book about to come out I The Awakened Heart

Over the pandemic I found myself going through what I call the "woo portal". I had written before about chakras, plant spirits, biophilia, and emotional support using aroma, essential oils and what can be considered, plant medicine. I also, having lived with a disaster of a digestive system with a large number of food allergies my entire life, I loved writing about the science behind polyphenols, the gut-brain connection, and the vagus nerve. However, I was introduced to a shamanic healer in 2020, through synchronicities of following my heart. When he opened the door to different approaches to the way we can use our mind, and our inner knowing, I was hooked.

My newest book brings together the aspects of neurotransmitters, physical, emotional and sexual intimacy, and the way this works within our empath archetypes, and the way we give and receive. The book, 'The Awakened Heart is about our relationships outside of ourselves, but is often just metaphorically connecting us to the relationship we have with ourselves and the feminine and masculine energies.

I was inspired to write this as I was healing my own inner traumas, and learning to be open to love during the end of my 32 year marriage. It was challenging to dig deeply into myself, and to work through the areas that were unfixable in my most important relationship. They say that all relationships (persons, places and things) are mirrors for the lessons we have come to learn in our lifetime. I really hope that through this work, others will look within and allow their heart to awaken and receive the love that we all desire and deserve.

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