We Are Made Of Stars

By Barbara Christensen - 6:47 PM

We Are Made Of Stars

From "Souls In The Light Field"

"Thomas Kinkade is my Upper Realm Teacher and Guide. He has many masterpieces that are paintings of this part of Venice that I traveled through. He told me on a later journey that when I see the mist he is calling me to lessons. Kinkade was called the "Painter of Light". He passed just before we entered this new b'ak'tun in the Mayan new calendar in 2012. His art is spiritual Huacas hanging in homes across the world that can be used to tap into this sacred space. "It's not the world we live in," Kinkade said of his painting, "it's the world we wished we live in. People wish they could find that stream, that cabin in the woods."

Like myself, Kinkade was an alcoholic that found sanctuary in this work with his spiritual gift. However, I believe that he literally died in his dark night of the ego, having been awakened by his girlfriend at the time. I don't know if she was more than a karmic soulmate, she very likely could have been a divine partner. I like to think this Spiritual part of him is working with me (and probably many others) to save me from hitting the deep lows that took his life. His gallery has stated that, "If there was ever a place to fall in love, it would be here. Any visitor arriving in Venice is immediately transported into another world." And I understand then why he took me there. Transporting me in the water is very reminiscent of the Soul Space I have written about.

As we went around the sacred circle sharing our adventures, I found that each person had a collective message I was told to "see" by Mother Spider. We have been through such a long several years of separation, which could feel very internally separate for your inner being. Some of you through this global spiritual essence or forced awakening are feeling the loneliness of going through your darkness alone. Let this be your mist that lets you know you are not alone. The light is always there. 2022 is the Year Of The Tiger starting on February 1st. We must work with Tiger singularly, before the Empress arrives in massive numbers. 

In the circle the masculine tiger came out first talking to my feminine tiger saying that our hearts beat together. Remember that what the masculine is saying right now can be falling on the deaf ears of the feminine in her movement through this storm. What is important to note is that our inner and outer energies are meant to be supportive of each other rather than creating guilt and grief for following our path of light. The tiger took us to the bridges that I was under. The bridge to each other is still being built. It is not yet completed. Weeks ago I was shown that the Masculine has to complete the bridge. It is their work, and Feminine cannot force it. I see this metaphorically and very aligned to the fact that we are still in the soup of this global disease. We need a little courage, take and go within the tiger to gain courage and strength in this new year. Some people may see a tiger and others a jaguar. They come from the same galactic and feline family. 

Then the other sacred travelers joined the circle. The Lioness, the Empress, gave of her heart. This is why her heart is not beating in the Moon palace.

The Serpent came in to give us the energy to clear fear.

The Hawk came in to bring us the Stardust to remind us that we are not just made of stardust, but are all connected through the stardust. 

These guides ask us to stay in this space for a moment open to receive these gifts. Even with the chaos that can be around us and swirl and swim in our thoughts, we are safe to open our hearts and our minds."

As I feel through this, I see my stardust and it's magical, because it flows through us all. 

"So what I want to know is why it is that I can no longer find you, in my mind. You are still there, just, but you are there like a ghost, a will o' the wisp. Not long ago you burned--your heart burned--in my mind like silver fire. But after that night in the inn it became patchy and dim, and now it is not there at all."

"Could it be that the heart that you seek is no longer my own? I have given my heart to another."

"The boy? The one in the inn? With the unicorn?"


"You should have let me take it back then, for my sisters and me. We could have been young again, well into the next age of the world. Your boy will break it, or waste it, or lose it. They all do."

"Nonetheless, he has my heart. I hope your sisters will not be too hard on you, when you return to them without it."

Neil Gaiman, Stardust

I will give my heart and my stardust to whom I choose and without fear of the pain for I am the magical unicorn. Love isn't about what we get, it is about what we give. 

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