Lion’s Gate Channeled Message & Energy Unlocking Sessions

By Barbara Christensen - 9:56 AM


Lion’s Gate Channeled Message & Energy Unlocking Sessions

Lion's Gate Channeled Message & Energy Activation 🌟 

I walked into the journey this morning and found that I was still in the fire, or back in the fire 🔥 reignited by Leo ♌️ 🌞  As I could see and feel that I was already in the tunnel of the Lion’s Gate,  I felt a slight resistance but let the Goddess take over.

She started moving the light of the fire through my crown 👑 chakra and I let go of the fear of what I was already moving through as it was what I had created.

I found in my inner eye 👁 that I was bound to very old bindings that for perhaps lifetimes had been under the idea that they could not be removed.  As if the cuffs and chains broken would uncreate all that is. Falsehood. I let them go.

As I saw what needed to be said it was not the words but the sounds. Even silence 🔕 is a measurable sound. I allowed it to pour out all of the toxic bile that I thought needed to be heard,  but actually needed to be purged.

As I flowed into my heart 💙 I moved through the gate and into the old world that is love unconditionally and surrendered. 🌋 It started moving the strongest energies through the fire center of solar plexus,  sacral chakra and root chakra. What I thought was calling in the feminine sensuality was actually a birthing of the darkness moon 🌚 that I had brought in from the Divine passage into this dimension of life. 

She/They was beautiful with her lion's mane around her face. I kissed 💋 their forehead goodbye 👋 and let them move to where they belonged. Unbounded to my soul. 

There's an emptiness and hunger almost within having let it go, but I am reminded the butterfly 🦋 has already eaten all it needed for the last part of this portal journey. We are protected and the energy is rising back up the channel as we develop our new skin. 

In waiting we hang upside down from the chrysalis as we complete the emergence process beginning the process of expanding and drying our wings before flight is possible. Some of the old scales still will fall away... don't try to hold onto them. They only leave a spot on the past where you impacted the timeline for tracking purposes. 

You are protected and the light can now be absorbed on the other side as the luminosity of your body is restored. The new energy frequency creates special boundaries, even when the surrounding energy is very different from yours, your new scales protect you. Some old scales remain and fall away. Don't worry about that as they remain to leave a tracking on the light grids. That is all. 

These new structural coloration frequencies happen as you move out of the chrysalis of the gate, scattering the light into new photonic crystal energies never seen before. Let yourself come to the surface and restore your being without the fear you leave behind.

I was shown three sessions that I can offer over the end of 2023 to support the collective take on this journey and adjust to the new energy frequency we are unlocking. 

The first will be held on August 19 at 9 AM PST in the ZOOM Sacred Circle where we will activate and align the scales ⚖️ in a special session. You can register for this session by following the link below.

Be Light Create LLC Sacred Circle Lion’s Gate Portal

I will also be offering online one-to-one containers through the end of the year to work through the energy healing together using shamanic, inner channeling and divination techniques to bring in what is needed to align to your sacred frequency. 

Or you can access a special distance energy session where I will channel in using the light of the Goddess in a sacred Reiki-activated distance session at a designated time to find your story,  follow your grids and retrieve what is needed for your wings to carry you forward.

Sacred Sessions With Barbara Christensen Intuitive Psychic Healer Reiki Master and Divination Shamanist

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