If I Could Show You What I See

By Barbara Christensen - 11:36 PM


If I Could Show You What I See

It takes a level of blind faith to believe the version of life as I see it. As a psychic intuitive,  I follow inner nudged, and sometimes they see extraordinary and yet are almost always true. 

I follow my heart as the compass of this inner knowing,  which requires even more faith because my life experiences have taught my body to close down. Yet, my heart, it always knows the way. Fearful as it may be, if I find myself lost, it is usually due to my heart being closed off. The secret to eliminating the fear is to fall into love instead. 

I do see love all around me. It shows up in numbers, letters, images throughout the day. It shows up as a pulling sensation in my solar plexus, and a warmth that radiates through my heart charka. These are newish,  as being only online over the past five or six years that I can remember. Maybe the feeling has always been there,  but I never recognized what the sensation was. Now I know it is the deep connection to love. Love, the highest frequency of all. 

I have finished my new book, The Awakened Heart, and it should be available for Kindle pre-order this week. It launches on September 25th, and I am really excited to share it. 

The Awakened Heart Pre-Order Barbara Christensen

Until then,  over the next few days my book, Exploring Aromatherapy,  will be free on Kindle as a little pre-emptive love!! Get it here 


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