Gratitude For The Masculine Heart

By Barbara Christensen - 5:15 PM

Gratitude For The Masculine Heart

Over the last year I have been greatly enhanced by the gentle service of the masculine heart. I have been working through deep father wounds, and deep masculine wounds related to my mother as masculinity isn't just a male aspect. In this work I have seen how I have both desired to be loved and cared for by the masculine, and also fearful and unable to allow it in. 

Slowly over the last several years I started letting the wall surrounding my heart to lower. It wasn't something I realized I was doing. However, when the divine masculine energy started stepping in to caregive in the way only divine masculine can, I started accepting it. It was small things, and so I didn't even realize that the heart was ever expanding to open to heal the deep wound within. 

We often focus on the side of the Divine Masculine that chases after money, career, status, sexual indifference, assertive, demanding, and sometimes controlling. But there is a deep source of love and spirituality within the Divine Masculine, especially upon awakening. They can be protective, confident, spiritual, guiding, strong but sensitive, loving and accountable. They are often more in tune with their body, attuning to their mind, and opening to the expansion of their soul. When an awakened masculine approaches (and depending on where you are they may not be fully healed) they will start to offer the Divine Feminine what "she" seeks. This feminine energy craves to be creativity, compassion, sensuality, as well as, Divine Feminine may be independent, but in a healthy way. The feminine may be free-spirited, but the desire to be held space for is there. 

This opening of a part of myself I had long repressed, just allowed the masculine to start opening doors, sometimes literally. Carrying some of the burdens as they entered my life, allowed me space to nurture myself and provided the space for experiences I had never been given. It can be a simple allowance of the Divine Masculine remembering something that matters to you, and in that space they validate the Divine Feminine letting them know they are seen.

There were so many ways the masculine energy stepped into that sovereign lineage in my life: teaching me, being my strength, carrying my needs, acknowledging my mind, body and soul. I am so grateful for allowing myself the hard experience of being broken apart, in order to see what was within. I am so grateful to now see the template of what masculine energy can be. I know what I crave, but I am also now in allowance for it to come to me when divine timing is there. 

As a culture we need to see how hard it is hard for the Divine Masculine to step out of the shadows of the societal norms that tell them how they are supposed to look, act, feel, and achieve. So when they awaken and work on themselves, bettering the world, bettering the feminine experience, connecting from the heart space, all of these things deserve to be applauded and appreciated. I have gratitude for you, masculine heart. You allowed me to slowly not only trust myself, but to trust that I can embrace my Divine Masculine securely when they come in. 

In the past year: 
💓I am connecting to my body in a way I haven't before. 
💓I am learning to set healthy boundaries. 
💓I am discovering my authentic self. 

What you, as the Divine Feminine may not have realized, is that generally when we are wounded many of our toxic behaviors are mirroring the toxic masculinity that has been so entrenched in our path. Most of the toxic masculine energies in our lives have reverted to toxic feminine behaviors. So the masculine you attract holds space in victimhood, they are passive, and over sensitive, can be uncooperative, lack self worth, and can be extremely jealous and lean into the anxious avoidant personality traits. You in your toxic masculine space will act indifferent, judgmental, avoid emotions, suffer in silence, anger easily and crave control, and lean into the avoidant dismissive personality traits. 

If you've been in the runner-chaser scenario, think about the way you've behaved, and how this holds true. They are mirroring to you so that you can heal and open up the more authentic energies within. Once you start to heal, you will start seeing the divine energies as they are engineered to be. 

As I have healed, and let more of the Divine Masculine energies into my life, I have watched this step into my daughter's life as well. So important for the younger generation to see and experience what a fully embodied masculine energy is, so that they can step into, or attract that for themselves. 

Thank you, Divine Masculine's for working on yourselves, and being there in my life path. 

For that I give thanks, 

Barbara xx

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