The Luminous Ones

By Barbara Christensen - 11:38 PM

The Luminous Ones

As I finished my prayer of protection tonight, little blue luminous spirits moved aground the space, entering the pure white flowers on my altar. This was symbolic in many ways. First as I was asking that any lies being stated about me would be cast out and require a purification by the liar. I had used white flowers on my prayer ceremony. Blue is also the color associated with the throat chakra. And as my shamanic elder had taught me, blue is the color of the Musoc Nina (Sacred Fire - Quechua). 

They seemed to dance, and then small whites orbs jointed them. I was certain I was capturing a bug, but I got up and investigated and couldn't find one. They only showed up on my videos, but never the photo.

Beginning candle magic

At first the candle was like a bulb as if it were gaining information and bringing in the angelic energies to seek the knowledge.

Next Candle Magic

Then the candle became angelic in form. Watching this dance of the luminous spiritual guidance flowing through this candle was amazing to experience.

I believe that Thomas Kinkade, my upper world guide, showed up as well, to paint the truth with me. This painting style was that of a realist. Gaslighting, lies ... These aren't reality. 

Thomas Kinkade My Guide

Don't forget to give gratitude for the support, protection, and guidance from your angels, guides, ancestors, and of you believe, G-d. 

Seek to do the work you are called to, and turn over the heavy lifting to the spiritual realm. 

To work with this magic set your intention and carve the name of the individual if needed into the candle. After you light the candle as you drop the white flower petals one by one into the flame ask, "When (state the name or energy such as "others") lies about me they will feel this flame and need to purify the lie." Repeat until the pets are complete and be careful not to get burned by the flame. I like to place my candles in a glass dish for fire protection. I use a black candle for banishment of the lies, and spiritual protection. Let them candle burn all the way out. Bury the candle wax or bag up and put out in the trash. Give a prayer of gratitude after you've finished your ceremony giving thanks, and watch the candle as you should never leave candles unintended.

At the end the candle showed me anchange again in the flame to show success in the prayer request. This could be a dancing or flickering flame.

I offer this guidance with no guarantees amd for entertainment purposes only, but I believe ritual in prayer is a very powerful spiritual tool, which I use often in many ways in my shamanic work.


Barbara xx

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