Because The Night Belongs To Lovers

By Barbara Christensen - 8:18 PM

Because the night belongs to lovers


If the morning dew belongs to the tempest of day, then the night belongs to lovers as Patti Smith sang. 

Why tempest?? Mornings are the storm when we awaken from our truth back into the trials of the 3D reality we've created to learn. We love the power of breathing, striving and creating the world around us, yet our truest version of our being comes to life in our dreams.

It is if we have two lovers, that which we seek and that which we have. We forget that we already have what we seek, which is why we get so lost in ourselves, in our mind throughout the day. Once, however,  you can recognize the love that you are divinely connecting to in the night, you become a wild beauty in the day as you start to recognize that lover in everything you touch. 

This is what we call true embodiment of ourselves,  and it is how we align to what you may have heard called the law of attraction. All energy resonates at the frequency of Hu, or love. When we are awakened to recognize love, we start to trust that love is not there to harm us. More and more you will allow love to find you in people,  places and things. 

We're told that we aren't manifesting properly, but we're also told to manifest from the mind-ego. Manifestation is just a version of this Attraction. It is a verb, the action of the flow of love. This is essential energy flow of your heart moving the torus of love in and out of quantum spaces we can't even imagine yet. This heartmath as they call it allows you to magnetize all that aligns with you. 

We try to overcome our thoughts, but it's really being in allowance and letting go. 

Remembering that we love, because we are love. We attract love because we are love. We love because it is the language of the Zq, the ultimate quantum dreamscape. 

Affirm: I trust that this love is always intentional and always mine. 

I am love

I am loved

Love is attracted to my dreams 

- Barbara xx

Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen Embodiment Coaching

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