I Do This For Thee

By Barbara Christensen - 9:54 AM

I love you, even if you dont love me back

From my first poetry book written decades ago.. just feels fitting today.  

“I Do This For Thee”

I see your eyes

I remember how it felt

Dancing in the glow of your laughter

I can float in your music

I hear it so proudly

I hope you found what you were after

It seems so trivial now

To cry over the milk that I’ve spilt

I’d be better to just let it lie

Hope that the puddle is still

You were my lover, my soul mate

You felt the pain as I felt

You heard the words in my notebook

I heard the truth in your heart

You shared some days in my small world

You shared some dark troubled dreams

I swear I’ll never forget you, never

I swear I’ll do this for thee

You held the answer I see now

Our blood was the same, in the sea

Forever I’ll never forget you

I promise I’ll do this for thee.

-Barbara Lindahl-Christensen

Really feeling it today ....  coming up in waves of songs and frequencies of missing your laughter,  missing your smile, missing your ability to see into my soul and meet me there. 

"Through the hourglass, I saw you

In time, you slipped away

When the mirror crashed, I called you

And turned to hear you say

If only for today, I am unafraid

Take my breath away

Take my breath away" 

So many changes in the energy field, in my personal world, and I can feel the collective energy folding in on top of my own heart. That heart. I FEEL!! I know you guys are feeling the heavy breath of your heart chakra trying to expand to reach this love you desire so much. But, we aren't actually as alone as we feel. The universe is swaddling you into her buxom heart space to heal this deep wound. Let her hold you for awhile.

To Love, even as you feel it unrequited, is important. Don't close off... just keep breathing. 


Barbara xx

I Do This For Thee

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