Resilient Inner Child I Soul Retrieval

By Barbara Christensen - 5:05 PM


Resilient Inner Child I Soul Retrieval

Today with the New Moon in Cancer while in opposition to Pluto (our inner revolution), you can ask, what is emotionally crumbling within you? Very deep purging of the worldly shell to expose a raw, newly formed you. 333 signifies a divine path 

Over the next four days your uncover this self, be deeply compassionate to them. After that the heart roars!

The new moon & new manifestations 🌙  

Blooming process is hard but beautiful 🌼 

Self exploration is the most important part ✨️

Don't let yourself cycle into someone else's version of who you are, because you are love's embodiment and your soul knows this. 💛

This is the deep work of soul retrieval. 

What is soul retrieval like? 

How about a little bit like h^ll. To be honest, it is bringing back the most profound part (or parts) of your soul that you protected from experiencing these inner child wounds. These parts aren't actually broken because the parts of you that broke actually remained in protection. 

Some of us have all of these wounds 💔 and yet there is still this beautiful, fragile, amazingly sweet inner child that wants to be and experience love waiting to be awakened. 

How resilient this part of you is that once the snow falls away like the daffodil, it has the tenacity to grow. It didn't let the early frost take it out. It just waited for the sun 🌞 to expose it.

The immediate sensation of bringing this part of you to life may be fear to let anyone near it. Instincts to push away those that make you love and feel loved.

That little spark inside, however, has been locked up so long that it doesn’t really care how afraid you are. They'll love who and what they want to.

Living with this mind fu#*ery is a battle to allow this precious ✨️ spark of your soul to live and breathe and still walk through a world full of absolutely a-holes. 💯 

I think you can do it. 

I think we can all do it 🥰

Have a session to find this spark, and start the integration.


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Inner Child Healing Soul Retrieval

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