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By Barbara Christensen - 11:53 AM

 Ophiuchus Tarot Love Readings I Starseeds I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


Before this universe existed, we all lived in the realm of what I have called the Soul Space. This is a space unlike anything we have known where there is no timing, no physical beings, and is just energy. When I saw myself born into this Universe, I came out of the flattened Soul Space (which I will go into in another story) and into being as an energetic body. I was all of the colors of existence, and I grabbed onto the Father of Worlds and watched as he was co-creating what we know as our home. I spent time as I grew weaving in and out of the energy that surrounds us, and what I didn't know then was that I wasn't just exploring, but I was seeking something profound. 

In my most recent journey I took the journey into the Lower World of the cold Scandinavian lands. I was digging through the snow with my inner self, the Wolf. We were digging in the snow in preparation for a journey forward. I believe there will be a time in this journey that my inner wolf will be the only pack I can turn to as the lone wolf. However, the positive energy is that I know you are my Ophiuchus tribe.

Read more in "Celestial Spark" and watch your love readings over on YouTube with Mindset Unicorn, Barbara Christensen

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