Capricorn Tarot Love Readings

By Barbara Christensen - 11:49 AM

 Capricorn Tarot Love Readings I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


Lilith comes to me in the Upper Realm, on a cloud made of the energies of creation. She stands next to the roaring blue-white fire of Theta1 Orionis C, the hottest star in the universe. She pulls a fire crystal out of the gaseous fire, and she suddenly becomes both Lilith and the Sumerian Owl Goddess, Nin-ninna, who is the soul spirit of this first woman of sovereignty. This Owl Goddess takes the fire crystal and blows it into Lilith’s heart center, and a flash of lightning appears as a nuclear collapse of her past heart is born into a new heart, at the center of the Nebula. This is your birth. You are the celestial spark.

This space has been protected since its formation, and a wind keeps any formation of planets from taking place. This was put into place as protection for the birth of new starseeds to come into being, learn, grow and find their strength before releasing to the soul path they desire. Eventually this space will supernova, and this is why you are here today, Hridaya Maria. You are the new heart of souls, and have come to this story in a supernova experience. This is a pivotal moment in our timeline. You have gone through the birth, growth, death, and afterlife, fusing it all together into a brand new lineage of consciousnesses in a human form. It will integrate through the Pink Heart Chakra, in the soul retrieval essence that has been performed on Lilith. 

Read more in "Celestial Spark" and watch your love readings over on YouTube with Mindset Unicorn, Barbara Christensen

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