Sagittarius Tarot Love Readings

By Barbara Christensen - 11:44 AM

 Sagittarius Tarot Love Readings I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


This channeled story started in the work that I do for my YouTube channel, and was wrapped inside of a message for the collective about the New Moon, a solar eclipse and Super Moon, that was coming towards us. The new moon was in the Mystic Lights’ sign, Sagittarius, although leaning into Capricorn,  on the day that is called the seed of miracles day. This sixth day of Hanukkah marks the beginning of a spiritual new year, as a very magickal seed is being planted. In the Kabbalistic tradition this is a day that marks the alignment of all of the 72 channels of the lights of G-d. I love how this flows into the connective energy of the 72,000 Nadis channels in our beings.

There are three central nadis that are within those thousands of channels being the Left, Right and Centre. These can be viewed as the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Union. Lots of angel numerology signs started to appear as I wrote this on 12/26/2021, starting with December as the twelve month. 12 = 1+2 = 3 in numerology. 72 = 7+ 2 = 9 in numerology. 3 is the square of 9, and originally Spirit had me write that 3 is the square of I, the square of our personal being. I was shown that there would be three weeks between this new moon and the final Saturn Square Uranus, which is the breakthrough. Halfway in between these is the full moon, the Cold Full Moon or Spirit Moon was being given to us as an offering or invitation to practice forgiveness and gratitude before we break through the wall. The seeds you plant now will be magnified.

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