Leo Tarot Love Readings

By Barbara Christensen - 11:29 AM

 Leo Tarot Love Readings I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


Leo, you have the magic of coming into this lifetime with a soul that was already within it's inner union, and as such when you are not aligned to your path the fire within will ebb and flow, up and down in your daily life. You come from a very spiritual realm where there is no duality, the reign is timelessly perfected, like the multiverse of the TVA in the new streaming entertainment show, Loki. You seem to have been created as a time weaver, but your tool is the fire of your core. Your desire may have always been to be the inner illumination of peace and joy as that is also woven into your fabric of being, yet there is duality within the fluidity of time that weaves in and out of vast dimensions. Within you the fire that is crafted of the union of three bodies, where time is not an element. Within this reality the desire to guide others, rather than yourself, and thus often living in a lack of self-illumination. This third dimensionality of time and space has caused you to seek out this something different, beginning your journey as the Dogstar, the Snow Lion, Sirius.

Sirius, which we know as the Alpha Canis Majoris or the Dog Star, is the brightest star in the night sky. This binary star sits in the constellation Canis Major, with this intense blue-white luminous energy, and holds a surface temperature more than 4,000 K higher than that of the Sun. The ideal of your "dog days" is that the rising and fall of your being takes just a little bit longer than that of our Sun, when your energy was first recorded in the later weeks of July. Your companion, Sirius B, is a massive star, and is called the White Dwarf, who I see as the White Lotus, the splitting of your other half when you entered this realm. This pure energy of awakened enlightenment is what you will see only when the twin hearts are in unity.

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