Virgo Tarot Love Readings

By Barbara Christensen - 11:32 AM

 Virgo Tarot Love Readings I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


We walk into this story with Spirit, Virgo, we find ourselves walking through the Amazon forest with the son of a very ancient and spiritual man on the eve of the Solstice. He is a Spirit Warrior, a sacred shaman’s son, and he walks you under the trees with leaves as large as a person. These trees stand over you, and you look through them into the night sky. The planets are aligning, and you feel it. You like the details to be clear, and yet, as duSa Souls, you are far too often looking at the ground. There is something below the surface that calls you, and you feel this more and more as you walk deeper into the rainforest.  You start to see yourself in every plant, every animal, every insect, as you are exploring this new found world around you. You realize you have been within the Earth before, you feel it, and have come here to venture back again.

Beyond the trees is the village that you have been seeking, where the medicine man awaits you. You aren’t sure what you will find, but you have come seeking something of meaning. Emotionally, you show no fear, no excitement, just a spark of a smile as you experience each new step into this space. Spirit starts to talk to you through the forest floor about the gifts that you are about to learn about yourself, and the life you had before. You have never had Spirit talk to you with such a resounding vibration. You watch as the medicine man, the shaman elder, is preparing a brew, and then he starts talking to you about the conversations you have had before with Alpamama. You feel yourself being pulled energetically towards this story, as if something inside is ready to break out of it’s confined state. That something is you.

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