Cancer Tarot Love Readings

By Barbara Christensen - 11:25 AM

 Cancer Tarot Love Readings I Mindset Unicorn Barbara Christensen


Matryoshka Souls, you come to me today in the timeless journey of finding your soulmate, and creating together something beautiful. You are the lineage of a long line of warriors, with the hearts of the zen mother. Within you is carried the future of this reality, and yet you rarely let anyone see beyond the outer shell. Your being has seven human bodies within which comprise our "reality of self" during this terrestrial existence.

You often connect with Chakra Beings because you communicate in their soul language. Your outer shell shimmers in red and moves to violet respectively. Each smaller energy field within you is exponentially more powerful than the last. This representation of the distribution of energy in space and the human aura, and is the same energy signature of Taurus. Red corresponds to where we pull the spark into our fire center, however this is a low vibrational energy until it moves beyond the spark of passion. This area can remain quite primal and is not meant to be on it’s own any longer. When you move into the spark of creating beyond with others for something greater than yourself, you open up to orange is a color of fertility, and the space of relationships. Yellow provides our power core of fire and this is where you create the wellness space for mental and physical health and strength. This is where you come into the authentic you. Green is where you move into the water center and start to open up to the emotional connection to Kauila. The energy is about family, love, tribes, souls. We use and seek into blue to communicate and develop potential. Sound is so important to us that we require it to speak measured energy in order to tap upward into our vision center. Dark blue opens the pineal "third eye" and develops your inner sight and clairvoyance. Then of course violet is a harmonizing color that brings all of the other colors into focus to move into the Oshai center, so above.

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