I Cannot Save You Even If I Want To Save Us

By Barbara Christensen - 9:58 PM


I Cannot Save You Even If I Want To Save Us

There is a time in the process of divine union where the one goes barreling into the darkness straight towards a crash.  There's nothing you can do to stop them. When you went through your dark night maybe it was different.  Maybe your rebirth of self expression was more internal.  Like our sexual organs, some of us will crash externally and some will crash within. 

You just have to watch. 

If they run into a fire, your running in after them is self sabotaging.  What they are seeking in the storm isn't you. It is a breaking free from their own pain.  Breaking free from what they've been feeling and trying to find a sense of controlling something, anything, since they can't seem to control you. 

This may be the hardest part of any soulmate season for both of you to experience.  Control,  codependency and inner wounds are trying to drive this.  Part of you wants to re-engage the chase and come into your savior being.  If you do, they will never come into their own sovereignty and neither will you.

I know lovers, this is harder than you ever thought it could be. Some of them will not come back. Set them free. Send them love in the light field.  Look towards your future and keep moving forward.  Happiness and fulfillment do await you,  and the universe provides for those that don't fall into stagnation.  Stay your course. 

Integrate you. That is all you can be, and for your yin  (or yang) that is all that matters. 

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