How Do You Say, "I Love You"

By Barbara Christensen - 7:51 PM

 How Do You Say i Love You

We've all heard of "Love Languages " and they are seemingly aligned with most people I've discussed them with. Some people have a few of those Languages,  but what if it is like foreign language to the person you love?

One way I  show love is through gifts of affirmations so that you have  a token of my love to carry forward with you. I think this is part of why I love coaching others and doing tarot.  I get to give others my gift to carry forward.  So when I read from Rori Sassoon, "A person whose preferred love language is gift-giving will have the most difficult time connecting with the remaining four love languages.", I was floored. I felt this all the way to my core. 

I have a secondary words language,  but strongly require someone that can show up and "gift" me with any symbol that shows 'I am trying' and the gift can be just remembering me. The gift can be follow through.  Saying something that you're "giving " and then making sure to do that. But when I comes through as just time, touch, or even service can feel lacking on both sides. Spending time with someone that cannot offer you the language you seek, creates a friction in the body of the relationship.  That goes for all relationships. 

In my marriage to a man with autism I was replicating my relationship with my parents- choosing someone that could not give to me what I needed. I  can count on my hands the number of gifts given over the decades for birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day, etc. Similarly the number of times gifted words of affection, especially in a public acknowledgment. This is how my childhood experience was. Here I was replicating the rejection of having my needs met. 

A big aha is in what we fill our phones with. Our phones truly have become the very extention of who we are. Open yours and you find the images, songs, colors, traditions and people that mean the most to us. Even as we struggled with our partnership during the pandemic, I found I had taken many photos of him, especially with our daughter,  as a "gift" for the future. He hadn't taken any of me except two to try out his new phone camera to show me how cool it was. That was still a gift for him, not for me. 

What awareness are you receiving about the live you would like to be living? 

In the here and now,  as you get to know yourself,  you can drill down into where you've been not receiving  "love" and then reciprocate and find out where you haven't been saying  "I love you" in a way that others maybe require that you've missed.

As you learn to balance relationships with others,  communicate what you need to feel loved. Get to know what someone's needs are if you want to be in true alignment.  It is more than just a soul bond.  Love Languages are part of the threads that hold these beautiful divine cords together. This is probably why when you were awakened, you bonded so easily. Your souls spoke the same language. Don't forget that as you continue to work toward the future. 

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