The Spirituality of Zoom

By Barbara Christensen - 3:43 PM

The Spirituality of Zoom MIndset Unicorn

 When the world came to a halt, we all moved into online life. For me I was in a shut down as I had shut down all of my social media for a forty day sabtical, while starting up my YouTube channel. I felt lost, but then several months in, I connected with some people that have become like family - and it was through the magic of ZOOM. 

It can be hard to understand, but as I am writing my new book, I see that especially for the feminine hormones, the translation of energy through electronic vs face to face is not different. The feminine brain responds to their heart through chat communication, a heart on a social media image, or via text or even Zoom as much as they would being in a face to face support group. 

I have since implemented Zoom session for my clients in my 'pay what you can' sacred circles, and the way that we engage in the synchronous energies is no different than when we drum and rattle in person. Of course, nothing beats an in person hug, but I am so grateful for the power of technology in the darkness of our lives. 

Enjoy the last Divine Embodiment release on the Mindset Unicorn YouTube Channel for the Divine Feminine within all of us. 

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