Healing Illusions / Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

By Barbara Christensen - 12:19 PM


Healing Illusions / Divine Feminine

I feel that I am working through releasing the need to blame myself for the masculine spiritual bypasses of past generations, and within my life. Releasing that generational bondage to the blame, shame and resistance of the divine masculine to be in their emotions. Our masculine energy is not in acceptance of their heart. If it lies to them by creating hurt rather than nurturing - they numb and bypass as a general rule until they awaken and heal.

It is not the feminines role to be bound to healing the masculine frequencies that they are not open to heal. It drains the feminine and lets the masculine spiritually bypass their contracts. This is true within your divine relationship and your inner union.

All of this creates an illusion within the feminine that they are in control, but that they also must control their world.

There truly is no such frequency of control in this Universe. We created the idea of control to explain the abuses we hold over each other, and ourselves. The Feminine believes they most control their relationship, their bodies, and of course their children or their careers. But with control not existing, this too is the resisting of their heart.  This is why the Universe is gifting us with our new heart. I am arriving at my new heart. If responds to the flow of energy rather than resisting it.

See, everything is on a divine grid and each action or frequency we create just aligns to the movement on the grid. But, we do not control energy. We resist it, or we flow with it. We drown in it, or we ride above it. It is the flow and we are only as static as we decide to be.

How much more comfortable is it when you're not feeling like you're struggling to get things to be "your way"?

This morning I went in fasting for blood work, and joking called it a bloodletting. They took 13 vials of blood. Crazy, right? But the ancient Mayans had within their ritual calendar, especially at the beginning or end of a calendar cycle; when a king ascended to the throne; and for other important life stages, bloodletting ceremonies using tools like obsidian knives. So this, too, is a party of my rebirthing cycle. Blood in death, and blood in birth. The New Empress is born, awaiting the New Emperor to arrive at the destination in divine timing. 

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New feminine ... 

I give you permission to scream.

I give you permission to let go of the old mother's burdens. To let go of the anger they left sitting on their tongues.

I want you to cut the cord on the old ways, taking in new breathe for what being feminine, being a mother means.

I want you to share the burdens, to let your partner carry some of that so that your hips are healed and strong. I want your childs pose to be as deep as theirs, because you no longer carry all of that birth trauma alone.

Rise up, sweet tender heart. Within you is the warrior. She fights for your song, your dance, your laughter, your fire.

She who is deep has whispered to you that it was never yours to begin with. Why do you still let it slay you?

It ends here. No disrespect to your mother, your mother's mother, your mother's mother's mother. They never wanted you to take this broken lineage forward. They never wanted to be the one to gift that darkness into you. Honor that. Let it go. Break the bondage of a thousand years.

Today - heal. Be in the womb of your heart, lay in the womb of Pachamama. Be reborn. 

Release the idea of control. Honoring instead the receiving what is yours. Light your fire, as a signal to all that you are burning away the old shell, as control no longer has a seat at the table because control was not a ghost, it was dark matter. 

In the collapse of the Mayan Empire the rains deminished, and in the darkness of the caves the High Priest would sacrifice the maiden to go through then portal to ask for the gift of rain. Angry and fearful masculine sacrificing the feminine in the darkness. Why is here no rain? (Emotions) No wonder when this energy is coming up to the surface the feminine stance becomes one of protection and control. 

Release the darkness of the caves. Control doesn't exist. Let go of the fear of the natural flow of emotions. That is the way of our Nomad New Hearts. 

- Barbara xx

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