Celestial Spark : Channeled Stories For The Zodiacs : New Book

By Barbara Christensen - 5:43 PM

 Tarot Reader, Author,,Intuitive Medium & Shamanic Practitioner Barbara Christensen

As an intuitive medium and shamanic storyteller, I was guided this year to delve into the deep stories of the zodiacs, which started when I was asked by Spirit to start working with Ophiuchus. Opiuchus is technically the thirteenth zodiac sign, but I was guided that is was so much more. I realized that as the stars have changed positions over the thousands of years since the view of the planetary alignment was influencing us, so was our stories. I found that there are layers within our natal charts that we haven't even uncovered. Spirit guided me to start channeling these stories to help each Zodiac sign find a new frequency of resonance.

Some of these stories are written in the moment, and some come from my personal shamanic journey space. Always, they are Spirit guided, and meant to be aligned with raising the vibration of the collective. There are reasons beyond my knowing that I am being called to channel these stories here and now, but we are about to embark on the New Age of Aquarius, a new world. We are each tapping into the alchemy of the unknown in this new era that we are entering. May these stories help you to start your own journey into your imagination, aligning to your spiritual awakening as you create a little alchemy with the celestial spark of the universe.

These stories are messages gathered spiritually through intuitive guidance and are for entertainment purposes only.
Barbara xx

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Barbara Christensen is a gifted intuitive medium, that channels Spirit to bring clients a diverse approach to wellness. She is a successful author, holds a diploma in nutrition and created the Paleo Vegeo lifestyle movement. Barbara also holds certificates in fitness, various energy modalities (reiki, quantum biofeedback, Access, shamanism) and is a Certified Aromatherapist. She has been working with individuals and business owners for over two decades using her unique talents to bring clarity and wholeness into the lives of others.

Barbara Christensen is also the creator of the YouTube channel, Mindset Unicorn, where she creates unique tarot readings using the akashic records, shamanic healing, Spirit guides and a variety of inner knowing energies to decode and enlighten the human experience of the soul's journey. Barbara works with mirror souls to bring healing in and create the destination that both souls are working towards in the often described "twin flame" union.

"Working with the energy of the Universe is within us all. The secret is to open your mind to explore the truth of who you are. We are all rainbows made up of star dust!" - Barbara Christensen

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