I Still See Myself In You I Mirror Souls

By Barbara Christensen - 4:29 PM


I Still See Myself In You I Mirror Souls

Separation ... That is what the mirroring eventually leads to for most divine partners. It isn't the end, but it is the source of why we are meant to meet. 

Yet, it still makes you feel emotionally drained. 

The deeper feelings that you have for them, especially if you haven't spoken your truth, has many reasons. Some of it can be because you are learning things about how you work with others based on the experiences you have had in life. Communication is all about responses. If you stop responding in truth - you are not in communication as much as they aren't. There is a two party system that creates ghosting energy. Communication is a loop of interactions with others. And this loop is very personal - for you both. We filter our communication based on our own perceptions of the world. These come from what we have experienced, and then we seek the loop by looking in the mirror. 

The mirror is going to show you mostly non-verbal energy. We communicate 93% of our meaning through non-verbal communication. This includes body language, voice inflection, postures, gestures, expressions. Only 7% of the communication comes from the actual words used. So when you are reading this post, or communicating with someone via text, chat, server, email, there is missing parts of the loop even deeper than you realize. 

Here is what I have learned in my own mirror soul experiences, since in the current state of being most of your communications are only that 7% of words. First, always ask the other person what they need from you. Repeat communication back to them to make sure you understand. See their side of things, and approach the situation with a positive intention. Close the loop by being specific, knowing what you want and asking for that. Make sure they understand what you want, and offer options. No one does well with only one choice - as that is an ultimatum. Ask yourself, what response am I looking for? What result am I seeking? 

Realize that you can't ask for too much in the messages. We have a safety valve on our senses and after you have asked about half a dozen things of someone, they will overload with sensory issues. When you are in person it may feel like a daze because the senses are already overloaded with the energetic sensory connection. You are each seeking the other 93%. Be flexible in letting the situation build itself out from the life filter that each of you bring to the space. Their unique experiences will help you grow as will yours. We often attract someone with different culture, age, beliefs, values, interests because we have asked to shift our own experience in this lifetime. 

How will you know when you've reached the "union point" or max point of understanding with the other soul? Think about how it will feel, what you will hear, and how it will appear to you. Does it achieve what you wanted with the response and results you were seeking? If not, this soul is only meant to teach you, and move on. However, sometimes they are meant for something more. 

Next time we will talk about more of that type of mirroring souls. Stay tuned.

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