Soul Relationships and Archetyoes

By Barbara Christensen - 12:25 PM

Soul Relationships and Archetyoes I Mindset Unicorn

Interesting post that was brought up from a conversation between two almost opposing archetypes... which can work powerfully together!! 

How does your archetype play into your soul purpose and your divine partner?

When you're here to become power and ambition you are often calling on sexual energy, strong instincts, intensity as well as abuse, emotional suffering and an infinity for dark, dangerous energies. You may be feeling pulled to work directly in the shadows. Bringing in those to nurture you are balancing and triggering.

When you are here to become nurturing and highly intuitive, you are calling in a strong Eagle and Condor influence, divine knowing, and a nurturing community, as well as dependence, smothering and a fear of the unknown. You may be pulled to work directly in the upper realms. Bringing in those to ground you are both balancing and triggering. 

When you are working in your purpose know this about those that you are called to work with. People are magnetically pulled to you because you are one or the other - same or opposition. If you work with same energy it has both the everything you want and the boredom and intensity of the completely attached energy. Opposition brings in that desire to run and chase, to change and manipulate, and the integrative work of shadow and self of completely unattached emery.

You cannot attach to and change a different pole energy, but you can manifest with this energy when you understand this and work with it.  You cannot force them to cling to you, which creates the narcissistic relationship. Alignment (union) of hearts is a beautiful thing. It is very much about knowing when to have the listening and calm, and when to have the intensity and passion.

Similarly with someone who's pole energy is similar it is important to understand you cannot make your life be completely intertwined because you or they will be smothered. You will not live your soul purpose with this person if you do not have time apart to engage in other diverse energies.

When you feel magnetic energies of push or pull ask yourself what it means in yourself rather than what it means for them.

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