Calling In Love Affirmation

By Barbara Christensen - 12:25 PM


Calling In A Love Affirmation I Mindset Unicorn

Are you calling in love or a person?

Love is an energy that we feel and is not a being or a destination. Let the energy of love be the one that sweeps you off your feet unexpectedly and perhaps initially unintentionally. Call in a love that knows what it is, and is unabashedly direct AF. 

This love can handle the volcano within you, and still be your shelter in the storm. It may come in like a lion, the illusion of the lamb. Still - let this be the only love that you accept in wholeness. You will know when it is yours. 

When that happens just open up completely to it. Let it open your minds, give it all of your heart. This love will receive and be reciprocated in every way. Be the love that you call in now.

Claim it now- 💞💯

Barbara xx

Calling In Love Affirmation I Mindset Unicorn

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