Love Letters To My Heart

By Barbara Christensen - 7:07 AM

Love Letters To My Heart I Mindset Unicirn

When was the last time you wrote a love letter to your heart?

Oh my love. The journey we've been on together. This path to explore what felt like a singular experience, and I see now as a communal one.

Today I am up and down and all over the place. But I am finally feeling open to whatever steps in next. My belief is back and forth between the end or the beginning. I will be okay no matter what. I am aware that my highest good is the best thing for me. DJ saving my life today - getting me back on track. No more fear, no more worry. Either way there's a dance floor for me and I am in my truth.

It started with a smile that turned into loving myself. It shifted with a look that lingered in my curves. At first it was up, up, up ...  but that brought so much healing needs up to the surface that I dropped you, heart, and ran from emotions.

In separation from the heart I still kept seeing Angel Numbers asking to realign these thoughts to more loving, positive energies, which would raise our vibration for more positive outcomes!  Seeing this number was a little nudge from the Universe to have faith that your needs will always be met. A sign that I am over the negative self talk space and open to having those needs met.

So I worker harder on the healing, and put you heart though so much. Some days it felt like such a beautiful day just because I didn't have a thought of you for hours after waking. I am sorry, heart. When it is too much I watch some Netflix and think I've let it go for this lifetime.

It just takes one good rom-com and I feel the heart burning on the other side rather than internally. Maybe that's this realization that I have let go of control, maybe it is my higher self still hanging on. Whatever it is. I am grateful to be letting go and moving on. I am ready for a much healthier me and mindset that will allow me to move forward.... at last.

Yet other days the heart wants what the heart wants and in a moment I know the only thing that was needed for wholeness. It wasn't just you.. I felt it too. You see heart, the hardest part of love is always the what ifs. It is the part that we human minds don't get the way you do. All you require is to know, and yet we often overthink it all and the known never happens.

What If

What if I say

That you are the one

What if this way

You make me undone

What if your smile

Speaks from your heart

What if your eyes

Tear my soul from the dark

What if the moment

Is all that we have

Where will you find me

When we move to new lands

What if regret is

Your lips missing mine

What if is the question

I ask you, Divine.

--  Barbara Christensen

Abandoned .... you know it too well. Astral and nothing more the mind says .... but the heart really only wants to be in harmony with the frequency of the beat of the universe and beyond.

Without the stars

You may not want to see the night

Yet the night still comes

Without the love

You may not want to open your heart

Yet your heart will open.

Without, doesn't last forever.  - BC

Don't worry heart, you know that the beat goes on, and when it doesn't we are in the Astral which is more than nothing... it is everything.

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