The Second Cancer Moon Release

By Barbara Christensen - 11:50 AM

The Second Cancer Moon Release I Lunar Emotions I Mindset Unicorn

Making great strides through the second Cancer moon .... It's a murky, emotional energy that is complimented nicely with the slide out of Mercury Retrograde.

I actually have "lost touch" with several people I love this year. One that has been a friend for almost three decades hung up on me for not taking sides with her in what I felt was an impossible ask. She proceeded to unfriend me, never to return. It really makes you go through a period of grieving when anyone walks away. You deep dive into the spaces of "what's so wrong with me?" energy.

The same can be said for that soulmate / Twin Flame love separation. No matter if it has been a year or a few weeks, the loss is real in your daily 3D reality and you can pull yourself into some hard spaces. Last night I grieved hard for my lonely heart. Sometimes that is the best thing to let go of the hold in the 3D.

I thought this was a great article and wanted to share.

My advice is just try to not let it change you. Stay true to your honesty, stay true to your open heart, stay true to your worth. When you love anyone the possibilities of what you can get back is more of a contribution than giving up on that connection with people. Sometimes it may just be the fact that life is crazy. Yes - it is certainly a crazy year. Don't blame yourself and don't go into blame with them because it isn't your responsibility to make life choices for anyone but yourself. And true story, sometimes your open heart is going to be too much for some people. It is again... NOT you. If I have learned anything with all of the shadow work I have done, and still will continue to do; we all have baggage. Don't judge in what the other person carries.

Stay open hearts 💕 Believe in love 💘

Barbara xx

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