The Soul Storm

By Barbara Christensen - 4:06 PM

The Soul Storm I Twin Flame I Mindset Unicorn

I often talk about the storm, and people may wonder what that is. The way that it has been shown to me is like walking into fog, both physically and emotionally. You feel darkness, the negative energy sludge, and unable to see the edge of this pain.

This storm can happen at any transformative moment - not just for the Tower Tarot moment. It comes in to create change and pulls up implants, old paradigms, beliefs that no longer serve you, all for your highest good.

When dealing with your Twin Flame the storms are triggered and often mirrored in each other. It can start to make you feel like you've lost your mind (if not your heart). It brings up shame, fear, abandonment and all of those other aches within your bones. You may give up the fight. You want what is real to return, but it feels like a game.

Don't give up. What feels like a demon, is truly just energy you can fight against. Do not let this moment take your soul. Another beginning awaits at the end of the storm.

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