Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus .... Jupiter? What Reading Should You Be Listening To? I Mindset Unicorn

By Barbara Christensen - 12:02 PM

Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus .... Jupiter? What Reading Should You Be Listening To? I Mindset Unicorn

Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus.... Jupiter??? What Tarot reading should you choose to listen to if you are looking for spirit guidance in your love life, or other areas you are hoping to increase happiness and abundance within? I was guided by Spirit to share this information because there is some real reasons why you may choose to view and listen to a tarot reading that is not for your Sun sign, as well as a reason why you may not be getting the information you need for creating change when listening to that specific reading. The August Forecasts came through with a lot of calling in of emotional connections - which you may not find the answers to in the Sun placement as this is all about ego, your shell, your 3D self.

So why and what information do you get from the various Astrological natal chart placements when you choose to listen to a different side of you?

Sun = Ego self, 3D, General Day to Day self awareness. This is your shell, who you see in the mirror and what you connect to most of the time before you start the deep ascension process.

Moon = When you think about what makes you feel safe, secure - the survival emotions - this will come out in your Moon sign tarot reading. This is your primal lizard brain. The lust, attraction, attachment, obsession.. all of that lives in your Moon sign.The Moon sign tarot reading can help you find the area's you need to work on to come into Divine Union within.

Rising = Hidden Feelings when there's a deceptive mask being worn in the relationship shows up in the Rising sign tarot reading. I find that this is the reading where the cross watcher sees the most of what they are showing from the outside view, and what you aren't showing as the underlying energy.

Venus = Showcases your passion and love language. The Venus tarot reading shows the actions and what's being expressed between the Ego and the heart. If you want to know more about the give and take in your relationship - your Venus sign reading can give you that insight. If you are wondering what your person desires from you in the Love language department, watching their Venus sign tarot reading or your Venus sign extended tarot reading may help guide you.

Jupiter = When hearts are open and expressive, your Jupiter sign tarot reading will help you create a deeper love connection. This reading will give you the most information about those deeper cycles and transformations that are in need for your highest development within your highest self.

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