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By Barbara Christensen - 8:35 AM
There's a magical connection between us and nature. I am so excited every time someone takes that leap to getting in touch with their inner being. Certified energy healer, #Aromatherapist and nutritional practitioner I love watching how the power of plants improve our lives. Since becoming a Holistic Wellness Coach & Certified Aromatherapist with essential oil training at Bastyr and through the best of the best in Australia, I can share how #essentialoils are a joy creator in your life, how they raise your health vibrations, and help you live a healthier and cleaner green life using essential oils in your daily routines. Starting out is really easy. I can recommend my favorite oils and of course you need a diffuser. There is a reason they call it aroma. Inhaled, the olfactory bulb does what we were created for. Until as recently as 50 million years ago, the cerebrum of the ancestral line that would eventually give rise to humans, was dominated by the olfactory-limbic system and the six layered olfactory bulb (Haberly, 2015; Herrick, 1925; Nieuwenhuys & Meek, 2015ab);. If you really want to go #Paleo .... Aromatherapy should be a huge part in that. #LifeEssentially #inhale
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