JNL Fusion Challenge Week 5 - Busting through Depression with Circuit Programs & Creating Happiness

By Barbara Christensen - 10:34 AM

JNL Fusion Challenge Week 5 - Creating Happiness with Circuit Programs

JNL Fusion Week Five Challenge - Barbara Christensen Body FX Founding Charter Coach
I'm moving into week 5, and with the Mother's Day weekend I really felt off track and was so happy to be home and back to my workout. There is something that makes me feel happier when I'm done with a JNL Fusion workout, that is different than most programs I've done before. I don't know if it's the back and forth of the strength and the interval cardio that makes me happy. I read that although very little information is available on the psychological benefits of participation in circuit weight training, they found with law enforcement officers engaged in these sort of circuit programs there were positive changes in mood, anxiety, depression and hostility. (Norvell & Belles, 1993) I can see how the stress of daily living for not just law enforcement is higher now and so that could be something that I'm getting out of this program. 

What I'm learning being half way through the JNL Fusion Challenge

I am learning that despite what you may think about exercise, it is more important than ever! I read an amazing study by Dr. Soren Snitker on 704 Amish men and women. They found that someone like myself, from European descent, are 67% more likely to be obese and on average 7 pounds heavier.They have also found that there are genes that make it hard to even just get up and do the workout in the first place. So if you can find a workout that is fun, finished quickly, you are probably more likely to stick with it. Plus Intervals boost your metabolism... which is a good thing. High Intensity bursts are the secret, and I'm giving that secret to you. Boost your emotional well being, your metabolism, and fight against the genetics you were born with by just giving JNL Fusion a try. I promise you will be happier after you do it!! 

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