The Body FX Products and Advisor Plan Are Amazing!

By Barbara Christensen - 10:36 AM

The Body FX Products and Advisor Plan Are Amazing! 

Body FX Advisor Coach and Body FX Products for the Nutrition and Fitness Coach Career
WANT TO KICK START YOUR WAY TO HEALTH & FITNESS? JUMP INTO A FITNESS CAREER?? Whether you're looking for an opportunity or just want to get healthier...we've got it for you...right HERE, right NOW!

These Products are non GMO and include a complete Weight Loss and Sport Performance Program for Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts & those seeking a healthy, Weight Loss program or on the go support for reduced cravings, reduced energy and making a difference in how you look and feel. I really love having something that contains:

  • NO sugar
  • NO artificial flavors
  • NO fillers

So let me give you a run down on the products, and you can join as a distributor through the rest of the month for no cost. Learn More at

What about the Body FX Products

Let me break down the Body FX Products line for you right here with my personal experience, and expertise in the industry.

Body FX CLEANSE – Detoxify & cleanse your lymph, blood, kidneys and digestive tract simultaneously. This is the best gentle cleansing supplement I've seen - so much so in fact that I created a full cleansing program that incorporates this product for my clients.

Body FX SHAKE FX – Meal replacement equivalent to 9 fruits & vegetable servings
providing support for weight loss, fitness and balanced nutrition-on-the-go. I have not had the Tropical yet, but I am in love with the Chocolate. It takes like one of my favorite vegan shakes - very natural, very mild compared to the sweetness of some other shakes on the market. The Shake FX has really boosted the level of nutrition - and I see this as being something so many people need in their lives. This healthy meal replacement shake has the staggered protein, clean carb combination of purple sweet potato and pomegranate, mega alkaline greens, pre and probiotics, choline supplementation, the fruit and vegetable formula, adaptogens, clean carbs, omegas, digestive enzymes and a combination of two full spectrum plant extracts that have made me really excited.

Body FX ENERGY FX Sustained energy drink allowing you to work out hard, stay alert and perform at your best. I use 1/2 a bottle of this when I really need a boost - and that's helped me get through the last few crazy weeks with my daughter's production of Peter Pan.

Body FX SLIM FX- promotes healthy, sustainable weight loss by reducing cravings, appetite control and blood sugar regulation.  For appetite control,Slim FX can be used at any meal regardless of its overall content; use Slim FX before any meal containing sugar or starch. Although we all strive for a sensible, healthy eating plan that limits the consumption of sugars and starches, I love that Slim FX can also be used for “damage control.” In other words, there are times when sugars and starches find their way into your diet for any number of reasons. Always have Slim FX on hand and take it before, during or just after eating bread, cereal, pasta, desserts, pastries, white flour foods, white rice, potatoes, starchy vegetables or any sugary or starchy foods.  I don't like to admit it, but I have times when I want to dig into a chocolate brownie, and this support helps me when I am not on point to my meal plan.

Body FX PROTEIN FX – 6 hour staggered release protein with our advanced enzyme matrix to help amplify absorption designed to feed your muscles. They've learned that your muscles really need 6 hours of support to recover from a workout, and our products hold the first staggered release protein on the market. Super excited about that as I'm working on my Bikini Fitness program.

Body FX AFTER FX – Post workout recovery formula designed to help you Rebuild, Recover, & Replenish - and I love that it also has the Clean Carb support to help balance your sugar levels, and could really be used as a healthy meal replacement shake for someone not looking for the super supplementation in the Shake FX. Still has Flaxseed, Actilin (which also has cinnamon to support blood sugar levels) and digestive enzymes.

To learn more about the Body FX Products, of course just jump over to

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