JNL Fusion Challenge Program Week 3 Results Are Amazing!!

By Barbara Christensen - 6:26 PM

The JNL Fusion Challenge Results Week 3

JNL Fusion Challenge Results Founding Charter Coach Barbara Christensen Week 3
It's been three weeks in the JNL Fusion Challenge program and the results are showing to be off the hook!! The changes in my stomach fat has been amazing and I'm feeling changes that I haven't seen before.

Now the supplements that go along with this program have not been sent out yet, although they are available on the website at ActiveBodyElite.getbodyfx.com

This pre-launch is so exciting, but what has been the most exciting is how quickly I'm seeing results with this program. In fact I have been modifying moves due to knee issues, and then yesterday I pulled something wearing sky high heels.. and yet it's easy to modify and I'm STILL seeing results!

My JNL Fusion Challenge Nutrition

JNL Fusion Vegetarian Paleo Nutrition Founding Charter Coach Barbara Christensen
I want you to know that I am NOT a meat eater. I went vegan several years ago. I have added fish once or twice a month, and eggs maybe once a month, but the real change was that I added in whey, although no other dairy. So I do currently use a clean whey protein shake every day, and I will use the Body FX protein and shakes as I go forward. I don't diet... although I did start the 5:2 program at the same time as I started the JNL Fusion program where I wind down my calories to 500 - 600 calories twice a week, generally not in a row, and then eat whatever I want the other days. I find that I don't feel obsessed with food because I am in control of it.

I've been a Holistic Life Coach for a number of years and it's because of this practice I understand how that mind set can be used to reach goals, and this JNL Fusion program really gives you that feeling of being in control of your health - and being 30 minutes allows you to fit it in whenever you can. I've done morning workouts, mid-day workouts, evening workouts... and it's easy to get it done. You don't have that feeling of dread of the hour to hour and a half of your life that you get with going into the gym. It really is going to change LIVES!! I'm honored that I'm a Founding Charter Coach with this company, and my body is honored to have the changes it's seen!!

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