JNL Fusion Challenge - Day Two Taking the Lower Body On

By Barbara Christensen - 3:31 PM

JNL Fusion Challenge - Day Two.. May The Glutes Salute!

My JNL Fusion Challenge Day Two was another amazing day of circuits - and I loved every minute of it!! In fact I am still feeling the burn today when I walk up the stairs - and I thank you Jennifer Nicole Lee!!

This program was a fusion of squats, lunges, plyo... all of the items that I really LOVE LOVE LOVE!! There is nothing better than looking good as you walk away, you feeling me on that one ladies? Take a look at a pure JNL Fusion Challenge to see what kind of high kicking, glute-amazing workout this JNL Fusion Lower Body program is going to do to you!! Now this is going to start moving right away, so make sure you get that 2 minute warm up in before you hit GO!

The most important thing when you are doing functional movements like lunges and squats is getting the right form. Don't move so fast you 'f' up the form... if you get my drift. Lunges the knee does not go beyond the toe, and squats you keep your wait in the heels and don't look down... there's nothing there but dirt!

When you finish up with your JNL Fusion Challenge Day Two do a few quad, hamstring and knee stretches like I've shared below, and then finish up with you AfterFX Shake to get the staggered six hour release of protein into your system for full on body recovery.

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