JNL Fusion Challenge - Day Three - Living My Passion of Punch and Kick

By Barbara Christensen - 9:14 PM

JNL Fusion Challenge - Day Three TKO

Today was the JNL Fusion Day Three Challenge, TKO... and if you know me you know that is where my soul resides... kicking and punching. My knees were the ones that kept me from doing more with TurboKick than I have, because all of that knee turning and jumps were just too much for me to be able to do all of the time. And for a newbie group trainer you have to be able to do it all the time to really get it down... but I do LOVE it!! So today brought back a lot of that love that I sneak in every couple of weeks to my workout.

The TKO is a combination of amazing punching and kicking work with hot interval cardio to keep it busting through the fat plateau. And you will feel it in your core when you are done.

Secret number one: On the hooks think about taking your arm over a table and dusting it off.
Secret number two: When pulling those last forward jabs lean a little bit into it and really engage your core!!

The Figure 8 Fitness Get Started Workout DVD after JNL Fusion

I decided since I got the JNL Fusion Challenge Day Three out of the way early, I wanted to give a little love this evening to the Figure 8 Fitness program. It's a very CORE focused program, and I really wanted to see what my customers were going to be getting into, on a day where I knew I had some reserve due to no weight lifting on day three's workout.

I can say that although it's not technically what you would think about a workout, the Starting program where you learn the moves, is going to have you sweating, and feeling your core in ways you NEVER knew you could feel. I felt some of the moves reminded me of Hot Hula, and a little bit of latin flavor that you would find in Brazil Butt Lift or in Zumba... but, what I kept thinking was, "Now I know what those Dancing With The Stars celebrities feel like".

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