JNL Fusion Challenge - Day One I Body FX Founding Charter Coach Barbara Christensen

By Barbara Christensen - 3:06 PM

JNL Fusion Challenge - Day One Shoulder Shredder

Let me tell you that my shoulders are not my favorite asset. When I was about 19 years old I was in a car accident. This guy in a HUGE big old boy truck (which is how they do it in Utah) comes backing out of his driveway and t-bones the lovely TransAm I was riding in as a passenger.

I had to deal with two full years of therapy due to the damage done, and since them my shoulders have just never recovered. In fact when I was working with my first trainer before I ever even thought I could become a trainer, he was pretty surprised because I have great upper body strength, until you bring me anything that is total shoulder strength... then it's a complete fail! Epic...but you will be as I like to say in my most REDNECK accent... "shedding the fat"... ROFL

So the JNL Fusion Challenge Day One just happens to be Shoulder Shredder... of course. Was I ready??

JNL Fusion Challenge Day One Complete 

HELLYA I was ready!! That was one amazing grouping of interval circuits that you go through in the JNL Fusion Challenge Day One. I was shocked at how much I really truly loved it! Thirty minutes and I was dripping with sweat! SO let me break it down.

You have three sets of your strength / cardio circuit to complete on circuit for six complete intervals circuits in 30 minutes. Warm up is going to be a 2 minute jog using the JNL Fusion Cordless Jump Rope that came with your Deluxe DVD Set or the warm up video I shared earlier this week. You can always go purchase the AirRope system over on Amazon to add to your base DVD set if you didn't get them.

You hit it hard for 30 minutes, but then you need to stretch it out. JNL Fusion doesn't really do more than cool you down, so here is a one minute stretch for your shoulders to lengthen and maximize the progress with the program.

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