JNL Fusion Warm Up - Two Minute Super Warm Up For More Success

By Barbara Christensen - 2:26 PM

Get Your GymBoss and Start With Your JNL Fusion Warm Up Program

I know a lot of you are not fitness trainers, or fitness models, and in fact JNL Fusion could be your very first fitness DVD workout program ever. So before you strap on your GymBoss, I want to share one of my favorite fitness warm ups in order to get the most out of your JNL Fusion 30 Minute program without risk of hurting yourself by not warming up the body properly.

Doing a Warm Up is only going to make your JNL Fusion results even better, and although most people are just running in place or doing a short jump rope session, at almost 45 I feel better when I get a full body warm up going on before I start the shred!!

This warm is by one of my favorite fitness guys, Gilad. His old school programs were very much ahead of their time, and in fact a lot of the workouts he did were very aligned to what Jennifer Nicole Lee focuses on in JNL Fusion. Enjoy the warm up and have a great time with your program!!

2 Minute Warm up to use before JNL Fusion

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