This Solar Plexus Awakening

By Barbara Christensen - 9:32 PM


This Solar Plexus Awakening

The solar plexus, also known as the celiac plexus or navel chakra, is an energy center that's associated with many things. Our emotional prison, not only where you feel pulled by the divine to let go and heal, but where you can find yourself stuck with the universal past wounds. 

Here we hold on to our fear, which leaves us disembodied rather than empowered and free. As I started to let go of that fear realizing that taking nothing from the nothing you possess is unable to happen, it was as if the sword cut through my old anchors. Severing is not for the weak at heart. 

Today as I fell into dreams in the midst of fever, pain, and awakening,  I was reminded of the Eagle on Mount Olympus which can see all the way to the horizon. Last night I drifted away on the energy field listening to the light codes and awoke to this discussion of the experience of losing ourselves in the transcendence of the light body experience. 

I realized my fear of not believing in the truth of what I am following is not power. What I am feeling is actually the belief that I am not allowed to be love/loved. I am in a rejection of the purity of my ownership of being a part of love by allowing the ownership of being broken apart from love. 

To be in the knowing of being love/loved isn't fear, it is pure energy and shines through in a very different way. 

I realized the cycle of worry becoming fear becoming thought becoming disabled from love and anchoring back into shame that reinvents more worry into more fear. 

I released into this moon and recalibrate to the inner sight of the solar plexus and the Eagle Sun, and then allowing space to be created for the unknown knowing to appear. All matters of light are coming home, like the parts that were too long left behind. 

It burns through me like fire, which may not be very joyous to begin. But as I heal, the only way to get to the next state of expansion is through. 

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